FACEBOOK PAGE - Remnant now has a Facebook page! Come and see pics, FB links, announcements or just communicate with other kinnies and players! Like us here: Remnant of Landroval

We generously host an in game bank containing 150 items that any Remnant member (including recruits) may request, free of charge. Select the Bank tab to see a list of available items. To ask for one, send a PM to karakedi. Items in the bank are donated by members. If you have items you believe kin members might want, mail them to Rembank, in game.

KIN HALL CHESTS - Full members gain access to the three chests in the kin hall to freely donate or remove items they need. The chests are reserved for consumables: potions, food, traps, shield spikes, hope tokens, scrolls, etc. Members are free to take what they need but we ask that you also donate extra consumables from time to time to keep the chests stocked.

CRAFTING ORDERS - Need something made? Visit the Crafting & Trade forum. You can find a wealth of information there, including a list of what each crafter can make, the items required and members available to help you.

TEAMSPEAK -TeamSpeak isn't just for official events. Many of us are logged into TeamSpeak whenever we're playing. We love it when kin members hang out there. It's far more social than in-game kin chat. It's also MUCH easier to answer questions on TeamSpeak than it is to type out answers in game. Not to mention, it is far less likely to get us killed while trying to answer you ;) We pay for TeamSpeak so take advantage of it! To log in, open Teamspeak, click the “Connections” button and enter the server and password. Members may get current TS info in a sticky in the Great Hall, or click here.to go directly to the info.

SCHEDULING AN EVENT - If you'd like to schedule an event, please speak with an officer who will post it on the Calendar. The general guidelines when requesting an event are:

IN-GAMECHAT CHANNELS - Chat channels are fully customizable! Kin members should have a separate tab for kin and group chats. There is such a wealth of information scrolling that you are likely to miss something important otherwise.


To create a new chat tab: right-click on any tab and select “Create New Tab”, then right-click on the new tab and mouse over the menu option for “Change Filters”. Make sure “Fellowship”, “Kinship”, “Raid” and “Tell” are selected.

Remnant has a chat channel for our allies called: Rem-Allies
To join the channel in game, just type:
/joinchannel Rem-Allies stardust
The "stardust" is the password and must be entered too. You'll need to do that on each character you wish to have in the channel. Also, when you join the channel, you'll get a general chat message like this: You joined room 'Rem-Allies' (UserChat3)

Just make sure you right click the channel you want the text to appear in, mouse over "Change Filters" and be sure you have a check mark next to the one assigned to Rem-Allies. In my case, that was UserChat3. So, if you are looking for folks to fill out a group, try the kinship first but you can also use the Rem-Allies channel.