Welcome, friend, to the Remnant website. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to visit. Pull yourself a pint and I'll share a little about us.

Remnant sprang from a group of adventurers determined to form a group with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, yet one that was also well organized and active. Remnant members enjoy the thrill of end-game content but also enjoy socializing, questing, crafting, epic books and anything that sounds challenging or fun.

Our goal is to explore the vast content of Middle Earth with our friends, be they old or new. We provide the ability to raid and participate in end-game events while still maintaining a friendly, easy-going atmosphere that is so often lacking in hard-core raiding kins. Easy-going doesn't mean disorganized, however.

Remnant is a mature crowd, ranging in age from 18 to "older than dirt". We understand that real life comes first, but when we game, we do it in a professional manner. We are serious about our raiding, but more importantly, we are serious about having fun.

If you're looking for a kin that hosts several weekly events and runs well organized raids, while still enjoying the simpler things in the game, Remnant is a good fit for you. Please contact an officer if you have questions or would like to join our ranks.