Who is Remnant?
Bylaws – Requirements and Expectations of Members

Within Middle Earth, a call went forth to unite. Remnant was established as a kinship of friendly, helpful players who are expected to aid their teammates and remain active. With those goals in mind, the following bylaws have been established.

Attendance - Members of a kinship should be around and not vanish for long periods. To be considered active, you must log into the Remnant web site every week. You must also play a Remnant character in-game at least once per week. If you must be gone for an extended period, please notify the kinship by posting a message in the "Hails, Farewells and Absences" forum. Remnants will be demoted to recruit, if inactive for more than 30 days without notification of extended leave.

Conduct - Be courteous to all players, both in and out of the kinship, and treat them with respect. There is no reason to verbally abuse anyone. Racism, sexism, religious slurs and other kinds of verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Do not grief, kill steal, or otherwise cause problems or interfere with other players' enjoyment of the game. As a member of Remnant, you represent the kinship in the public eye. On a first offense you may get a warning, but there is nothing stopping the officers from immediately dismissing you from the kinship.

Social Interaction - We are a community, and as such, encourage social interaction. Teaming up as often as possible is highly recommended. Chatting in the kinship chat channel and posting on the forums is also highly recommended. Be aware that some topics are divisive (politics, religion, nationalism, etc.). In the interest of courtesy, be prepared to drop such topics if a listener takes offense. As a general rule, the larger your audience (e.g., GLFF vs. Fellowship or Kin chat), the more you should avoid divisive topics.

Age/Level - The minimum age to join Remnant is 18. An exception will be made for family members, so long as no one has to alter chat habits or adult subjects for that child, and the adult family member takes full responsibility for the child following all rules as is expected of every Remnant. Additionally, if we recruit a new member before level 40, that member must reach level 40 in order to be promoted to full member. Remnant recruits over level 40 will be promoted to member after 30 days, assuming said recruit was a good match for our kin.

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Teamspeak Status
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